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  • Single-Column PalletizerSingle-Column Palletizer

    The Single-Column Palletizer is a compact and small footprint palletizing and depalletizing equipment. With simple operation principle and convenient operation, it is suitable for palletizing all kinds of goods and is an important equipment in modern asse...

  • Pressed wood palletsPressed wood pallets

    Pressed wood pallets are made from wood waste, such as Wood shavings, plant straw, recycle raw materials, such as wood chips, waste wood pallets, waste wood, timbers, kraft paper, straw, bamboo, even if plastic....

  • Molded Core Plug MachineMolded Core Plug Machine

    Molded Core Plug Machine mainly uses hot pressing molding process to produce Core Plug. Core Plug is mainly used in paper, plastic film, metal foil and other industries to prevent damage caused by movement during transportation....

  • Recycling and Reusing Waste Wind Turbine BladesRecycling and Reusing Waste Wind Turbine Blades

    The recycling of waste wind turbine blades has been a significant challenge. In response to this problem, PalletMach has developed an innovative compressed pallet machine....

  • Waste Plastic Recycling SolutionWaste Plastic Recycling Solution

    In order to better recycle waste plastics, our company has developed a new type of waste plastic molding process. This waste plastic recycling solution does not require granulation of waste plastics, and can directly produce the desired plastic products....

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