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Pallet Nailing Machine

Pallet Nailing Machine

Pallet nailing machine is used to produce American and European standard pallet and customized pallets. And the advantages of pallet nailing machine is high automation degree, smooth and tight process flow, and complete one-stop nailing and stacking production. Pallet nailing machine is cost-effective, low repairs, user-friendly and profit-building.

We also recommend the pressed wood blocks to replace the solid wood blocks in traditional wood pallet because the pressed wood blocks can lower the cost by recycling wood wastes.

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Composite Pallet Blocks

Press Pallet Machine

Presswood Pallet Machine

Press pallet machine is a new type pallet machine that produces compressed pallets with raw materials of waste wood, wood scrap, waste pallets, bamboo, straws, sawdust, coconut husks and other materials containing wood fiber. Press pallet machine also can be used to produce molded plastic pallet with recycling plastic wastes.

Pressed wood pallet has the advantages of being space-saving, safe, durable, recyclable and reusable. Please refer to the following inspection report and this article to learn more.

presswood pallet test report

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