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Three-Head Pallet Block Machine

Three-Head Pallet Block Machine

Capacity:6-7 m³/24h

1. Simple Operation
2. Large Capacity
3. High efficiency
Characteristics of three-head pallet block machine:
  1. Wood sawdust, wood shavings, and other scrap wood are the main raw materials for three-head pallet block machine.
  2. Efficient recycling of wood wastes.
  3. Simple operation that one worker can handle three machines at the same time.
  4. Significant improvement of production efficiency.
  5. Completely vertical cross-section to reduce cutting loss.
  6. Fully automatic production by setting values of cutting length and suitable for various specifications of pallet block.
  7. Saving production cost and enhancing the process of automation.
  8. The size of final blocks are adjustable.
  9. Two types of blocks in different sizes can be produced with this machine.
Technology process of hot press pallet block machine:
Raw materials → crushing → drying → mixing with glue → hot pressing → long pallet blocks → cutting → final blocks
Technical parameters of three-head pallet block machine:
Three-Head Pallet Block Machine
Model PMA-T6
Capacity (m3/24h) 6-7
Weight (KG) 2100
Power (kW) 48
Size (mm) 7830*1100*1550
Density of final pallet block (kg/m3) 500-600
Block size:75-100mm in with, 75-100mm in length, Customized service is available.
Raw material for three-head pallet block machine:
Sawdust and wood shavings
Final product of pressed wood pallet block:
1. Free from fumigation and quarantine.
2. Centralized heating, high density and E1 grade.
3. Smooth and clean surface with good performance in water resistance.
4. Customized sizes are available.

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