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Single-Column Palletizer

The Single-Column Palletizer is a compact and small footprint palletizing and depalletizing equipment.

With simple operation principle and convenient operation, it is suitable for palletizing all kinds of goods and is an important equipment in modern assembly line.

Single-Column Palletizer

Product advantages

  • The whole machine is controlled by PLC, fully automatic operation;
  • Low-position into the box, occupying less space and large production capacity;
  • Action coordination, smooth and accurate movement, high grasping precision;
  • The energy consumption is low, the load is large, and the operation is simple;
  • Multiple pallets can be palletized at the same time;
  • Meet the palletizing needs of related products such as cartons, plastic barrels, iron barrels, woven bags, plastic baskets, etc.


Model parameters

Single-Column Palletizer

The above are existing models, we can customize according to your needs.


Single-Column Palletizer

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