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Pallet Block Machine

Pallet Block Machine

Pallet block machine is used to produce wood blocks for wood pallets, also called compressed wood block making machine. Pallet block making machine mainly includes three types of specifications: single-head pallet block machine, double-head wood pallet block machine, and triple-head hot press wood pallet block making machine.

pallet block machinepallet block machinepallet blocks

What materials can make pallet block?

Sawdust, Shavings

Pallet block application

Pallet block machine features

  1. Reinforce connection, Temperature display
  2. Free fumigation. Because the pallet block is made by hot pressing, it is free fumigation.
  3. Easy to operate. Unique PLC system, Touch Panel, One person could handle 3 machines.
  4. Pallet block machine could recycle the wood waste efficiently.
  5. The density of the final product could get to 550-1000 kg/m3.
  6. Pallet blocks’ size can be made by customer’s demands with the range from 75 mm to 145 mm.

This machine is used to make euro pallet blocks. The end product is with a hole inside or the solid one, dynamic load capacity 1-3 tons. Besides, one machine could make two different sizes block.

How does pallet block machine work?

The block is used to make the wood pallet base, which is for the transportation or storage pallet. The final product could get the E1 grade. The pallet block could be solid without a hole in the center, and also could be hollow, you can watch video in Youtube.

  1. The hydraulic cylinder provides high pressure and pushes the piston to extrude and mold the materials.
  2. The heating of the heating plate at the high temperature promotes the solidification and molding of urea-formaldehyde glue.
  3. Cutting according to a certain length (usually around 1.2 m).
  4. After cooling, cutting the long wood strips of half-finished products to the final size.

Wood pallet block production line

Blow is a layout diagram of semi-auto pallet block producntion line, you can watch working video in Youtube, of course we also provide fully automatic pallet block production line for you.

Equipments: 1. Wood crusher 2. Belt conveyor 3. Silo 4. Rotary drum dryer 5. Dust collector 6. Glue mixer 7. Bucket elevator 8. Pallet block machine

If you want to invest in a high-yield wood waste recycling project or pallet block project, PalletMach gives you a One-stop solution, which contians of the project report of investment benefit analysis, pallet market situation, Of course we can help you with the sales and market expansion of pallet blocks, more service please email us info@palletmach.com.

Model and parameters

Model Parameters
Model PMS-T2 PMD-T4 PMT-T6
Size (mm) 4800*780*1320 4800*780*1320 4800*900*1420
Length and width of blcok (mm) 75-145
Power (kW) 16.86 22.26 30.26
Density (kg/m3) 550-600kg
Production efficiency (m3/24h) 2-5 3-6 5-9
Dimension with saw (mm) 8000*600*1500 8000*700*1500 8000*700*1500
Weight (kg) 1000 1500 2000
Block size: 75-145 mm in width, 75-145 mm in length. Customized by customer required.Power consumption average 70kwh for 1m³ pallet blocks

Auto wood block cutting machine(Optional)

  1. High precision: totally vertical, smoothly for intersecting surface.
  2. High efficiency: cut blocks in 1800pcs/h, can work in 24 hours.
  3. Easy operation: 1 worker can handle.
  4. Low cost: little waste in cutting loose.
  5. Size adjustment: can cut into a different size of block.
  6. Safety:  worker no touch to saw in the whole process.
  7. Small occupied area: < 2m³
Size (mm) Weight (kg) Power (kW) Dia of Saw (mm) Capacity (pcs/h)
1600*1200*1300 200 5.5 400 1800

You can also choose these two devices(CNC Wood Saw, Automatic Pallet Feet Machine) to cutting pallet blocks.

Why they choose us?

As a technological enterprise, providing complete production line equipment is small part of our service. Layout design, cable connection, installation service and operation training are also included.

As a responsible enterprise, we can do one feasible report includes market research, pallet block cost and pallet block profit. As long term partners, we never do one-off deal. In fact we have started doing pallet/pallet blocks marketing support and lifelong service.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, you can email us: info@palletmach.com or Get Quotation with our sales manager immediately on right side of the page, or you can leave a message to us.

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Pallet Block Machine

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